AER, Inc. serves as a valuable “point of contact” for crucial services and technologies to meet the challenges of oil & gas operations around the world. 

From a single drill bit or complete directional package to swelling packer completions and centralizers, AER, Inc. scans industry-wide to deliver the right equipment and service for the job at hand. 

In addition to premier drilling technology from leading global suppliers, AER offers innovative new completion and drilling technologies, developed in partnership with select manufacturers to provide solutions for specific applications in key markets.

A decades-long history of experience at the leading edge of horizontal technology has empowered AER, Inc. to identify and rapidly respond to emerging challenges as the industry continues to push the boundaries of well design. As a result, AER combines insights from both drilling and completion arenas to introduce tool innovations that solve problems, save money, and speed time to production.

We also maintain an extensive performance database that provides valuable insight through comparative, historical information. And we put these advantages to use for timely, accurate feedback as each project progresses.

AER, Inc. was initially founded in 2001 to work key Alaskan oil & gas fields on the North Slope and Cook Inlet. Based on success there, and armed with innovative technologies in drilling, reaming, torque reduction and enhanced completion / swell packers, the company in 2005 successfully expanded into North Dakota, Colorado and Texas markets. After working on hundreds of wells in these areas, we were invited to participate in the Canadian, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombian markets by 2010, and have recently expanded into key Middle and Far East locations.

We are an established company with an excellent safety and performance record.

Through AER, customers have access to superior products and services from leading global suppliers of advanced drilling and completion technologies, as well as access to innovative tools developed through our relationships with select manufacturing entities that meet our demanding requirements for quality and product scheduling.

AER’s exclusive representation of major global suppliers provides direct contact to top-quality product lines, while our talent for developing new tool solutions assures you get the equipment you need — when you need it, where you need it.

AER: Your point of contact for the premier technology in the drilling industry

  • Improving drilling efficiencies as well as Torque & Drag reduction
  • Custom manufacture of various drilling components in the BHA
  • Plug and Abandonment operations
  • Casing patches/liner hangers / expandable casing operations
  • Metal / Swarth removal in a variety of methods/operations including pipelines
  • Scale removal from production screens, gas lift mandrels, and safety valves
  • Drill pipe / BHA protection technologies
  • Fluid calipers calculated by tracer technologies
  • Enhanced centralization and swell packer technologies
  • Float equipment
  • Drill bits as well as Coil tubing drilling bits

AER, Inc. offers a unique advantage in the breadth of experience and knowledge it brings to bear on challenges facing today’s Operators.  Across disciplines, around the world, and all along the corporate ladder, experience gained over decades in the oil patch has equipped AER personnel with the rare ability to integrate insights from drilling and completion into creative and effective solutions. 

Today, in oil fields around the world, AER is serving as the bridge between Drilling and Completions groups, opening communication channels, integrating technologies and concepts from both, and delivering solutions that are helping Operators establish new boundaries in oil & gas.

Performance Summaries

AER, Inc. has a history of successfully introducing new game-changing technologies in critical markets, introducing key solutions that quickly gained a track record of benchmark performances:

  • Near Bit Reamers (NBRs) introduced to deliver efficient hole enlargement with minimum reductions in ROP are now ‘standard practice’ on the North Slope
  • Drill String Torque Reduction and ream-while-drilling tools have proved to effectively reduce drilling torque on extended-reach wells, leading to new record-length wells
  • AER, Inc. is technically qualified and approved by ZADCO and ADCO for our patented swell packers / and our patented bonded centralizer system
  • Mini-stabilizer tools that can be used in combination with MWD/LWD tools have significantly prolonged non-mag collar life
  • Cuttings bed removal tools utilized on several North Slope drilling projects successfully lowered ECDs while removing cuttings from the wellbore
  • Proven natural diamond and PDC technology for use in coiled tubing drill bits have provided record-setting performance in a wide range of coiled tubing applications

AER also provides patented innovations for both completion and drilling applications, including centralizers and swelling packer tools which have been used with outstanding success on hundreds of wells and millions of feet of reamed hole. Documented in dozens of SPE technical papers and industry journal articles, these AER tool solutions are shown to have significant impact:

  • Introduction of new bi-directional reaming tools for ream-while-drilling (RWD) in the Williston Basin yielded over a 98% success rate for installation of swellable packers to TD in more than 1000 wells and more than 10 million feet reamed
  • Breakthroughs in swelling packer design and manufacture increased successful installations from fewer than a dozen packers per well to more than 40 per well in Bakken wells, providing a new level of zonal isolation control in long laterals  
  • Implementing RWD strategies using these patented reamer/packer solutions in the Williston Basin reduced Non-Productive Time (NPT) to save an average of 3 days of rig time per well