AER Commitment

Our primary commitment to our customers is built upon keeping our word on performance and service. Including but not limited to: 

  • Utilizing safe operating procedures without any environmental issues
  • Having the equipment and services delivered on time in as cost-effective manner as available
  • The equipment and services to operate as designed and expected to improve drilling efficiencies, reduce NPT and in some cases boost production
  • AER, in combination with our partners, also commits to sharing global knowledge to maximize performance of the products and services

AER is further committed to meeting and hopefully exceeding our customer’s requests for innovation, implementing record-breaking performance and specific customer-driven design improvements.

AER has an outstanding record of implementing and introducing new technologies in both Alaska and globally.

By being committed to our customers’ requests we have broken through a number of performance boundaries.

Our customers have access to the superior products and services of leading suppliers, including advanced drill bit and drilling technologies, production enhancement equipment, and coring services. In addition, our exclusive representation of major global suppliers provides you with a direct point of contact to their top-quality product lines, assuring you get the equipment you need – when you need it, where you need it

Addressing the full scope of industrial operations, from a single drill bit to enhanced production requirements, AER scans industry-wide to locate the right equipment and service for the job at hand. We understand logistical problems associated with delivery to isolated locations within the world and have modern, secure warehouse locations for an expedient response to your needs. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

We stand ready to work for you with the leading technology suppliers in the industry, taking innovative solutions from concept to completion to deliver value-added solutions that reduce costs. Contact us today.