AER Company History

Alaskan Energy Resources, Inc. has been serving the oil & gas industry for over 14 years, working with most of the major operators in a variety of locations around the world. The company was initially founded to work key Alaskan oil and gas fields on the North Slope and Cook Inlet. AER, Inc. has recently expanded its business to service customers on a global basis including Canada, South America, and UAE.

Based on our success in Alaska, and armed with a number of innovative technologies in the drilling, reaming, torque reduction, and enhanced completion/swell packer arenas, we successfully expanded into North Dakota, Colorado, and Texas markets. After working on over five hundred wells in these areas, we were invited to participate in the Canadian and Colombian markets.

AER Inc. manufactures patented bi-directional reaming stabilizers and patented swell packer tools which we have used with outstanding success on hundreds of wells and millions of feet of reamed hole. Our proven track record of performance has been documented in dozens of SPE technical papers and industry journal articles.

Having worked with many major oil operators, we have Master Service Agreements in place to provide our services, reamers, and packers. These companies include BP, ConocoPhillips, Statoil, Eni, Oxy, and Hess, which afford us access to a large number of rigs.

We are an established company with an excellent safety and performance record, as evidenced by our success on a number of very high-profile, record-setting wells that require complete dedication to the quality and services provided to the customer.

We are proud to offer your company the same exceptional level of service quality.